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Recipient Handling and Care
to Maximize the Pregnancy Rate from Non-surgical Embryo Transfer

All the work that goes into embryo transfer (shots, semen, handling schedules, and time) is all lost if the recipients do not become pregnant. That makes the recipients the most critical part of a successful embryo transfer. And that means you are the key to making the recipients workable.

To make your recipients workable, you must do all of the following things:

Body Condition Score
- Recipients should be a Body Condition Score of 5 or greater and should be on the gain.

- Recipients should be receiving adequate grain and good roughage daily. Vitamin and selenium levels should be high. There should be clean and pollution free water for the recipients to drink.

Herd Health
- work with your veterinarian to ensure your recipients are vaccinated appropriately for your area.

Synchronization Protocol
- Follow directions on CIDR, GnRH, and Prostoglandin labels unless otherwise specified.  Intramuscular shots should be given in the back of the leg with a 18 gauge X 1 1/2 inch needle. DO NOT use automatic syringes for shots under 5cc.

Synchronization Schedule
- Follow directions carefully. Call if you are uncertain of the directions. Watch for heats for at least 15 minutes (4) times daily and record the recipients that stand to be ridden. Write the information down clearly as to which cows are seen in heat on which days. Only recipients that stand to be ridden should be listed as "in heat." It is difficult to observe heats in groups over 10 to 12 at one time. If larger groups are used, heat-checking time should be increased.   Additional notes such as which recipients were riding, how long recipient stood (if she was standing in AM, was still standing in PM?)

Transfer Day
- Recipients need to be on full feed and water the night before transfers. They should remain with their calves right up until they need to go through the chute and be returned to their calves directly following transfers.

Facilities - Unlike AI where the AI gun is passed just through the cervix, embryo transfer requires that the gun be passed 5 or more inches up the uterine horn on the side that ovulation occurred. This must be done without damaging the uterine wall. Recipients must be held still by close restraint so they cannot jump or move around while the transfer is taking place.   An alleyway with a crowding tub is preferable. A palpation cage with either a chute or breeding box is mandatory. If there is a group of 30 or more recipients, a breeding box is highly recommended.

Recipient Age
- The best recipients to use in this region are young (4-8 years old) sound cows. Cows nursing calves work well if they have adequate condition and are on the gain. They should also be far enough from calving (greater than 70 days) and cycling. Dry cows that were unable to get bred by a bull should be culled. Yearling heifers work well if they are mature, weigh at least 800 pounds, and are cycling well.
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