Royce Houtzel, Donor Facility Owner
Casey Solomon, DVM ET Practioner
11070 US HWY 2 E  -  Havre, MT 59501
Royce's Cell:  406-945-3261
Casey's Cell: 406-945-1355

Our facility is located in prime cattle country near the Milk River Valley of North Central Montana. Our family ranch has been in operation raising commercial cattle and hay since the 1930's.

Making it happen is what we strive for.

Milk River Genetics Recip Herd
Special Donors
Milk River Genetics has been home to some outstanding females, many of which had severe physical and reproductive limitations. A stress limited environment, individual attention and specific treatment protocols have yielded valuable genetics from these donors. Some special donors have been in residence for many years and continue to produce.

We welcome these donors.

Export Work
With the economic advantage of shipping embryos instead of live cattle, Milk River Genetics provides export services. We have successfully exported embryos for our clients and would be happy to discuss your export needs.

Embryo Sales

Numerous embryos are marketed every year by Milk River Genetics. As a service to our clients we work in cooperation with emcow embryo sales. The response has been very positive and provides exposure for your exceptional donors.
MRG Donor Program
Our donors reside in large, irrigated pastures which minimize stress and maximize health and safety of the donors and their calves.  Donors are grouped according to nutritional requirements, body condition, age, and physical limitations. Custom nutritional programs are formulated for each donor. Body condition on each donor is monitored, to keep donors healthy and sound, but not obese. 
Our goal is to send home donors that are: sound, bred back, in optimal body condition, and have “stockpiled” a bank of frozen embryos.
Kathy Creighton-Smith with her
'Special Donor':
LT Forever Lady 395 GDAR.
Recipient Program

Cooperator Herd & MRG Recipients

At MRG, our cooperator herds are required to follow the same extensive recipient program that we have practiced for years. Your embryos will be transferred into recipients and can be purchased as weaned calves or as 90-day pregnant recipients. Typical recipients are 5 to 10-year-old Angus based cows that have been bred and raised in a commercial setting. These cows have withstood rigid culling for production and fertility for many years.   For Angus embryos, registered angus cows are available for recips on a limited basis. Calves are vaccinated at branding time and pre-conditioned prior to weaning. Calves are raised on native grass and specialized creep feed until weaning. Additional services are available upon request. We encourage dialogue between the embryo owner and the recip herd owner to establish good working relationships.

We take pride in our embryo calves and strive to produce the best.

Client Owned Recipients

As a service to our donor owners, we often house their recipients at our facility
for transfer of their embryos. This option saves money by using your own recipients
but eliminates the hassles and time required for scheduling and working recipients.

On-Ranch Services

Our mobile lab allows for superovulation and flushing of the donor on your ranch. 
These embryos can be transferred to the owner's recips or frozen for use at a later time.

Weaning time for this five month-old-calf.
11070 US HWY 2 E - Havre, MT 59501
Royce's Cell: 406-945-3261 - Casey's Cell: 406-945-1355 - Email:

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